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How it works

Cosmedesk automates the PIF generation as required by EU regulation

Much more than a document generator

Cosmedesk is a web-based regulatory software that provides a fast and easy way to comply with cosmetic regulations, allowing efficient management of cosmetics product data.

It offers a full-process approach concerning cosmetic regulatory compliance, from creating the toxicological profile of the ingredients that make up your cosmetic product to generating and maintaining regulatory documents according to the latest regulatory updates. 

Create, organize and manage your product data at any point of the process, taking advantage of all the benefits of having a dedicated database system for your work.

With Cosmedesk

Be faster

Save costs and time writing and editing regulatory documents.

Cosmedesk Benefits - More precise
More precise

Improve operational efficiency and quality, minimising data errors.

More organized

Efficiently organize all the documents and information required for your products.

Ingredients and impurities

  • Create or import your cosmetic ingredients; 
  • Request toxicological profiles on demand; 
  • Reference all scientific bibliographic sources; 
  • Check market/ personalized restrictions.

Raw Materials

  • Create or duplicate raw materials;
  • Organize technical documents;
  • Manage data such as IFRA, Specifications, Allergens, etc.;
  • Manage and filter manufacturers to ensure traceability.


  • Create or duplicate your products;
  • Import or copy formulations throughout different products;
  • Track EU and UK product notification;
  • Review product labelling;
  • Check formulations for market restrictions and safety calculations.


  • Generate or preview required regulatory reports in PDF or Word;
  • Customize or create personalized reports with our support;
  • Download all your product documentation organized in folders;
  • Keep track of reports with version control.

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