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Cosmetic regulatory compliance made easy

Go from regulatory bureaucracy to compliance peace of mind

Be faster

Save costs and time writing and editing regulatory documents.

Cosmedesk Benefits - More precise
More precise

Improve operational efficiency and quality, minimising data errors.

More organized

Efficiently organize all the documents and information required for your products.

How it works

Cosmedesk How it works - ingredients
Create/Add Ingredients

Toxicological profile

Cosmedesk How it works -  Raw Materials
Create/Add Raw Materials

Technical documents

Cosmedesk How it works -  Products
Create/Duplicate Products

Product formulation
Safety assessment
Label review


Generate Documents

Label review
PAO estimation
CPNP data sheet
Technical data sheet

Automated Report Generator

Cosmedesk automatically generates all of the required documents by the EU Regulation 1223/2009.

Risk Assessment

Cosmedesk automatically performs the necessary safety calculations according to the SCCS guidelines.

Products formulation management

Cosmedesk allows the importation of your product´s formulation using a a template spreadsheet.

Multi language documentation

Cosmedesk offers the possibility to generate the cosmetic regulatory documents in English, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian and Spanish.

Label Compliance Review

Cosmedesk enables the label validation process through a predefined requirements checklist, producing an annex with a label compliance report.

Ingredients Restrictions

Cosmedesk allows you to search by INCI, get CosIng information and highlight its restrictions.

Simplify your entry in the cosmetic market

Preparing the entry of a cosmetic product in the EU market has proved to be an increasingly complex process, which consumes time and resources and is prone to data errors and delays.

We can help make it easy.

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